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Are You Ready to Start Your PMU Journey?

Take a class with me here at Lafayette Microblading LLC with master trainer, me,  Marissa Gordon!

If you have a passion for any of the following, you might fall in love with microblading! : makeup, art, esthetics, threading, cosmetology, or nails- is this you? Lets take your career to the NEXT LEVEL! The cosmetic tattooing/ permanent makeup industry is BOOMING and I would love to introduce you to it and guide you through your journey. Plus, get an invitation to join our sisterhood of Lafayette Microblading alumni who share the same passion for cosmetic tattooing and grow together with continued education and events with me! 

A Bit About Me

I started my PMU journey in 2019 in a very bitter-sweet way. What drives my passion for teaching is being able to give beginners all of the guidance and information I wish I would've had in the beginning. I am a believer that if I were given all of the information I know now, back in 2019- I would be farther in my technique & business today- and thats all I would want for my students- to have a running start. I had stumbled on the industry on YouTube when I saw someone I watched get their eyebrows microbladed, and I immediately felt a light bulb turn on in my head once I learned about the existence of cosmetic tattooing. At the time of this discovery, I had been 2 years into the dental assisting industry and was very miserable- I was looking for a creative outlet. I immediately called up the first person who popped up on Google and setup an apprenticeship with them, which is where we get to the bitter part. Being 21, naive, and full of passion- I went into the education side of it blindly. I had a more negative than positive experience during my 7 month apprenticeship, although it worked out in my favor for now I know how I don't want to run my business and how I don't want to do my training. I felt as if I was setup to fail, I was told I wouldn't go anywhere without this teacher backing me up, I was shown and taught sketchy technique/curriculum, I was honestly traumatized after this experience. However, despite all of that, I pulled myself out of that and persevered with nothing but my heart, a couple certificates, and a few dollars in my bank account. A friend had taken a chance on me and hired me a week after my apprenticeship had abruptly ended- and the rest is history! I have turned all of that negative energy into a beautiful new beginning. I look back and smile because without that bad experience, I wouldn't be who I am today. I pride myself in genuinely wanting the best for my students, for being a mentor even after classes are completed- I am not one of those trainers who you never hear from again after class which is a common occurence. I noticed my area has a lack of community and I have always craved that since the beginning and I finally decided it was my place to create that. So with my courses, you are also invited into a community of my past students who can all get together once a year or so and share tips, tricks and friendship! Also, you will be added into a continued education group (for brows only) where I will share tips and tricks and products I am liking or past student work! I hope to see you join our community soon! Xoxo, Marissa.




Microblading & Machine Shading 101

Learn the art and business of brows with this 48 hour hands-on certificate of completion course. With a kit worth over $1,000 and a curriculum with over 15 topics, and hands on client experience, you will be setup for success once your course is completed. Continued mentorship and free shadow sessions will be available after completion. 

Lip Blushing 101

Learn the art & business of lips with this 32 hour hands-on certificate of completion course. With a beginner kit, extensive curriculum, and hands on client experience, you will be setup for success once the course is completed. Continued mentorship and free shadow sessions will be available after completion. 

Lash Line Enhancement Eyeliner 

(Machine experience required)

Learn the art of eyeliner with this 16 hour master course for experienced artists. A beginner kit, extensive curriculum and hands-on client experience will setup student for success. Continued mentorship and free shadow sessions will be available after completion. 


Now accepting  AFTERPAY (in studio only).  When financing your balance in the studio, a 6% Afterpay fee will be due with card or cash.




Deposits must be sent at least 1 week before class date. If you are financing your deposit with AFTERPAY, you must come into the studio to pay your deposit through our payment system. Deposits are non-refundable or transferrable. 10 minute grace period is allowed for each day of class, if you are late or do not show up you will have to make that day up on a future date. 

Interested in Taking a Class?

Lets Get in Touch!

2111 Main St. Lafayette, IN 47905

Text or Call


or personal # 352-552-2423

Thanks for submitting!

Emily Diaz Serrano

Marissa is the best mentor you can get! She is genuinely amazing and you can tell she loves her job. I just took her Microblading & Shading course. Not a lot of mentors keep up with you and provide guidance after of the course but she did! I am happy I chose her of the PMU bunch. Go ahead and book, you won't be disappointed.
Marissa has an extensive list of permanent makeup services she offers! I took a class from her last April, & I LOVED it! Not only is she wonderful at explaining things, super in depth with your education, but she really works with you to make you feel supported, motivated, & to truly improve your work. I respect her so much as a professional, & not only will be seeing her for all of my future services, but also all of my future classes. Thank you for your patience, kindness, & understanding Marissa! You are a star & I look forward to working with you in the future!!

Brooke Speakman

Marissa is so patient and my microblading class was very hands-on. 

Brooklyn Pelgen

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