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Brow Aftercare Instructions 

Day 1: 1 hour post appointment, blot brows (lymph/plasma)

awav with a clean tissue. If this dries it will create scabs and

flake too soon.

Day 1: 2 Hours post appointment, wash brows for the frst

time putting ointment on alter.

Before Bedtime: Wash Brows with aftercare soap & apply ointment

evenly. not too thick.

if vou sleep on your face usually, use an extra pillow or two to keep you

from turning over, a good amount of ointment will keep the brows safe.

How to Wash your New Brows:

Wash Hands with Antibacterial Soap

3 Sprays of the gold spray soap on a cotton pad per eyebrow & pat brows in direction of your hair. (Outside of shower)

No rinsing, pat dry with a dry cotton pad.

AppIv ointment. rice grain size amount on each brow.

Day 2-10: Wash brows morning and night for the next 10 days. applying ointment when

needed (never let them become dry).

Use ONLY Aquaphor on the brows, a good amount of the ointment helps. but the should not appear

*wet" just moisturized

No more washing/ointment after Day I0. let them do their thing and heal on their own.

Flakiness. dryness and itching is normal. Avoid itching, scratching or touching them

During healing process (7-14 days) avoid:

Sun exposure, sweating, water on the brows, steam, & makeup omg the brows.

During 4-6 Week Healing Period (please AVOID):

steaming hot showers, saunas, hot tubs, swimming (dipping body in is fine, avoid

getting face wet). profuse sweating (high cardio workouts), MAKEUP (on brows).

lotions(on brows), face wash, serums, acne medications, anti-aging products.

Protect your brows from the sun ALWAYS (SPF).

Your brows need to heal and be taken of properly, remember your brows are an investment!

Xoxo, Lafayette Microblading 


Days 1 to 3: Eyebrows look fuller, though your face may feel cut and tender

On the first day, your eyebrows will look very bold and full. The color may look extremely dark, but keep in mind that it’ll eventually fade.

You’ll likely experience:

  • redness

  • tenderness

  • mild swelling

  • mild bleeding

  • sensation of feeling cut or bruised 

By days 2 and 3, these side effects should slowly subside.

Days 3 to 5: Eyebrows look very dark, then start to flake off

As the pain and tenderness go away, your brows will darken and thicken. They’ll still look very bold.

By day 5, your brows will begin to scab. They will be flaky and extremely itchy. This is normal and means your skin is healing.

Days 5 to 8: Flaking continues and the color fades 

You can expect more scabbing, flaking, and peeling. 

Resist the temptation to pick the scabs, which can reopen the wounds and disrupt the healing process. It might also remove some pigment, resulting in patchy brows. Let the scabs flake off naturally instead.

As your brows continue to flake, the dark color will soften. But rest assured that the color will come back.

Days 8 to 12: Flaking ends and color returns

After the first week, the flaking will gradually stop. The color will also return.

Days 12 to 21: Color and texture look more natural 

The color of your eyebrows should look more even and natural. The individual brow hairs will also look more defined, creating the appearance of feathery eyebrows.

Days 21 to 30: Skin is healed

After 1 month, your skin will be completely healed. You shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort. Your eyebrows should also look soft and full.

In another month or two, you’ll likely have a follow-up appointment with your provider. This allows them to check on how your skin has healed, as well as fix any spots.


Microblading healing after a touch-up

It’s normal for permanent makeup to fade over time. Therefore, after your initial microblading session, you’ll need regular touch-ups. This will maintain the shape, color, and definition of your brows. 

Generally, it’s recommended to get a touch-up every 12 to 18 months. But the best frequency depends on your preferred look. 

It also depends on how your skin holds on to the pigment. For some people, the pigment may fade quickly, requiring more frequent touch-ups.

Compared to your first session, a touch-up is essentially the same procedure but on a smaller scale. It’s done on a few areas rather than the whole brow. You can expect a similar healing process, though some people report shorter healing times after touch-ups. Everyone is different. 

Lip Blush aftercare instructions

Day 1: Pat lips for 1 hour after procedure incase of lymph coming through which will pull color out if it dries up.
Before bed, pat lips with a cotton pad that has been sprayed 3 times with the spray gold soap, and then pat with a dry cotton pad and apply Aquaphor.
Day 2-5: Pat morning and night with damp soapy cotton pat and then dry, reapply Aquaphor throughout the day to keep them moisturized. Never let them dry out.
During healing process avoid: spicy foods, citrus foods,  liquids on the lips (drink through straw) no water or steam whatsoever on the lips, picking lips, lip filler (for 2 weeks before and after appointments)



Day 1: Lips are slightly tender, swollen and tight.

Day 2: Lips darken and start to crust over.

Day 3: Lips continue to darken and peel.

Day 4: Lips are almost done peeling, patchy.

Day 5: Lips are done flaking, color may seem to "disappear" for a day or two.

Day 6-7: Color reappears and lips look naturally tinted!

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