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Is Microblading Right For You?

Microblading creates the most natural looking results with crispy hair-like strokes done with a blade type tool and pigment. This technique lasts 1-3 years without touchups. Contraindications for microblading are: mature skin, sun-damaged skin, use of blood thinning medication, keloiding condition, excessively oily skin/large pores. 


Nano Strokes

Are Nano Strokes Right For You?

Nano strokes are similar to the microblading look but its done with a machine & single needle, like a tattoo. The strokes look feathery and natural, just not as crisp. This technique is a great alternative for those who aren't microblading candidates or those who want a longer lasting look. This technique is good for all skin types other than for skin with wrinkles IN the brows.


Powder Brows

Are Powder Brows Right For You?

The powder brow is a technique done with a machine and needle similar to a tattoo, that looks filled in. This is good for someone who wants a soft or bold makeup look. This technique is good for all skin types other than visible wrinkles IN the brows.  

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